About Us

STLR Is Skys The Limit  Radio  Media a Media Company Going Against what you are used to. We strive in being a different media company one who cares what the audience feels. we don’t want to load you with. Fake News no Fcc constraint as an Internet Radio Station We are free. Our Internet radio services offer news, sports, talk, and various genres of music—every format that is available on traditional broadcast radio stations you can find right here. We Deliver Entertainment with No Ceilings.

Meet the  Team behind the scenes

  Craig Wiley


Craig Wiley Known Better as

High-Cee from the Happy Hour.He is the owner of Skys the Limit  Radio alongWith His Brother. High Cee is The head of Production  While Ahn Helps High Cee Covers The Majority.

Eric Wiley

Owner/Marketing Manager

Eric Wiley Better known as Smokey the droman  from the Happy Hour. He is The Co Owner with his brother along with being the Marketing Manager getting everyone straight with there Social Skills. also Does a lot of the photo taking and Promoting of the Station.

Ahn Ramos

Owner/ General Manager / Production /Sales/ Technical Engineer /Webmaster /Video Production/Graphic Design/

Ahn Ramos is TheTech Wizard  Of STLR MEDIA But might better be known as Ahnsome or The Wizard Of Ahn.  Ahn has Been apart of it Since day one. He is the one That puts all the stuff you scratch your head about together.