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DJ Lamont

Develop your DJ skills with the very best! DJ Lamont offers instruction for all ages.

Founder of Fingersnaps Media Arts, a DJ Studio, DJ Lamont teaches the art of DJ skills in the Heart & Soul of the Mission District San Francisco where the synergy of his creative forces are expressed.

Professional Instruction

Spin with San Francisco’s DJ Lamont, in private or group sessions, to learn the traditions and fundamental skills of music theory, from a DJ’s perspective.

Learn to count beats, bars, and timing. Learn to blend & beatmix, sample, edit, scratch, loop, and create tricks using DJ Controllers, Turntables, CDJ’s, and DJ Software.

Master Mentor Interactive Programs

STLR Entertainment presents and promotes Master Mentor interactive programs, presented by performing artists-educators to receptive, educational institutions, community, cultural, and special needs centers.

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