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Dirty Red Barn


About Dirty Red Barn

From Petaluma, California, Dirty Red Barn is influenced by artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, The Allman Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Eric Lindell. Folksy lyrics and soaring harmonies, reminiscent of the Traveling Wilburys’ sound, are in this band’s wheelhouse.

In August of 2017, DRB released its debut self-titled album. Drawing from four different songwriters, 10 original tracks tell punchy and dynamic stories. Although it’s easy to detect songs influenced by the collision of blues, folk, rock, and bluegrass, it’s tricky to pin a genre other than Americana on the group. Looking for new friends and fans, DRB is promoting their album around the Bay Area, while continuing to writing another batch of tunes.

Each member of DRB brings a distinct style to his writing and performance. Hailing from Boston, Dave Brouillette, played folk songs in area pubs and later co-fronted a popular classic rock cover band for 10 years. Ben Becker has an edgier rock background from days of garage bands in college. Malcolm Johnson relocated from Iowa to LA and played straight-up rock before moving to San Francisco and being recruited by DRB. Sean Parnell is the only native to Petaluma and has played with just about every band in the county. His wicked harmonica rifts evoke a feel of “country style” Blues Traveler.