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The Chi-Lites

About The Chi-Lites

The group was formed in Chicago in the late 1950s while still in high school. Soon after performing at a High School talent show, they released a single entitled, “You’ve Got A Great Love”. The Chi-Lites mingle sentimental soul and R&B with hits like “Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)” and “Oh Girl”, the Chi-Lites have influence artists like Beyonce and captivated fans for decades.

The Chi-Lites had a big year in 2004. Their early 70s hit, “Are You My Woman,” was remade by Beyonce Knowles as the across-the-board hit and Grammy winning, “Crazy In Love.” And their 1974 song “That’s How Long” was used as the backdrop for one of the cuts on Jay-Z’s Black Album.

Hollywood Star

On June 17, 2020, Hollywood Walk of Fame announced their Class of 2021 to receive stars on Hollywood Boulevard, and The Chi-Lites were named as one of the honorees.