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The Intruders

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About The Band

The Intruders are an American soul music group most popular in the 1960s and 1970s. As one of the first groups to have hit songs under the direction of writer-producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, they had a major influence on the development of Philadelphia soul.

Formed around 1960, the group originally consisted of Sam “ Little Sonny” Brown, Eugene “Bird” Daughtry, Phillip “Phil” Terry, and Robert “Big Sonny” Edwards.

Brown, Dauhtry,Terry and Edwards had been recording and performing one off singles together since 1961, blending Philly’s street corner doo-wop tradition with black gospel forever. The result was neither as pop inflected as Motown, nor as funky as blues inflected Stax . The sound which The Intruders refined for the Excel, Gamble, Philadelphia International imprints reflected a different attitude than either Stax or Motown.

Gamble and Huff’s success with The Intruders helped convince Columbia Records to grant them the money to launch Philadelphia International. Gamble and Huff acknowledged that their work with The Intruders was the foundation of what the called “The Sound of Philadelphia”

The Intruders have been honored with 26 Chart Hits, 14 Top 100, 10 R&B Top 10 and 2 Pop Charts.

The Bloodline of The Intrudes continues under the direction of Mr. John Dais & Mr. Phillip Phill Terry; Last serving Intruder and Trademark Owner

Continuing the legacy “The Intruders” Today are Robert V Frye, Curtis Wanner, Dean Cavanagh, and John Bo Sharp.

It’s been said that the road to success is always under construction.

Throughout the years the Intruders have maintained a high quality of excellence and audience acceptance.